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The unique B 60/10 C Mopvac cleans and dries smooth floors effortlessly, and without energy consumption.
Compact scrubber drier for small areas, 300mm brush working width, 300mm vacuum working width, 1450 rpm brush speed. With 820 W power rating and 4L tank capacity
This compact, powerful unit has a large working width and high volume tank. 400mm brush working width, 400mm inch vacuum working width, 650 rpm brush speed, 2.5 gal fresh/dirty water tank.
Agile, lightweight, quiet walk-behind scrubber drier with fast rechargeable, high-performance lithium-ion battery. 350mm brush working width and 450mm vacuum working width. 12 L fresh/dirty capacity
Walk-behind battery-operated floor scrubber with 2 roller brushes for economic basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing of surfaces. 400mm brush working width with 1350 rpm brush speed
Walk-behind scrubber drier in the 40 litre class, in mains operation, up to 450mm working width with 1250 rpm brush rotation.
Battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryers in the 40 litre class without traction drive, (maintenace free or low maintenance battery) , 430mm brush width, and 850mm vacuum width
Compact Step-on scrubber with roller brushes with 55 cm working width, 40-liter tank and 120 cm turning radius with 40 L fresh/dirty water tank capacity and 1200 rpm brush speed
battery-powered ride-on scrubber dryer is compact, versatile, features an extended tank capacity and variable working widths (55-75 cm). 90 L fresh/dirty water tank capacity with traction drive.
Productive and flexible Ride-on scrubber drier, the machine can be precisely tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. 750mm working width, 150 L fresh/dirty tank capacity, 1300 rpm speed