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The FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner is the easy way to wash your floors and vacuum up light debris simultaneously, perfect for all sealed hard flooring.
Battery powered Window Vacuum, Approx. 35m2 (35 windows) cleaned per battery charge, Working width of vacuum nozzle-280mm
Cordless Electric Broom, Area cleaned per battery charge-60-100m2, Battery running time-30 minutes,Working width-235mm, Complete with one pet brush, one standard brush & wall bracket
Floor Polisher for Home use, Power-600W, Speed-1000 rpm, Working width-290mm
Spray Extraction Cleaner, Power-1400W, Clean/Dirty water tank-4/4 L, Working width-230 mm, Spray rate-1 l/min, Spray pressure-1 bar
With 4 liters dirty/fresh water tank, 70 l/s air flow rate, 1400 W turbine Power, 1 bar spray pressure 7.8 kg
Water filter vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, Power-900W, Working radius-10 meter, On-board accessory storage