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Handheld Steam Cleaner with 220-240 Voltage, 50 Hz frequency, 200 mL tank capacity, with childproof safety lock
Steam cleaner for Home/Personal Use, 1 L tank capacity. With 1500 W heating output, max pressure 3.2 bar
100% chemical-free Steam Cleaning Machine with 30sec heating time, the fastest among all in the range. 1 L water tank capacity, 1900 W power rating and the only unit with descaling cartridge.
0.5 + 0.8 L tank capacity, 2000 W heating output with 3.5 bar, up to 4 minutes heating time
Non-stop model of Steam Cleaner range, 3 mins heating time, with 0.5 + 1.5 boiler capacity. 4.2 Steam pressure and having 2200 W power rating.
Steaming, drying and vacuuming in one operation, 2200 W Motor rating, 1100 Heat output, 0.5 L refill tank + 1.2 boiler capacity, 4 bar steaming pressure, 5 min heating time, and with 2 tank system
The ironing station enables comfortable ironing, vapor pressure Iron and ironing board will reduce the ironing time by 50%, 2000W heating Capacity, 4mins heating time, 3.5 bar steam pressure