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Handy 500ml spray bottle Gently removes brake dust, tyre particles, insects, oil and mud Leave to clean for 3-5 minutes Remove thoroughly under high-pressure
The Kärcher glass cleaning gel allows you to manually clean glass and mirrored surfaces as well as shiny, water resistant surfaces. This glass cleaner removes greasy and oily dirt
Kärcher insect remover in the 500 ml spray bottle easily and gently removes insects from paint and plastic finishes, radiator grilles, door mirrors and windows. Manual application.
The Kärcher 3-in-1 car shampoo has a unique 3-in-1 formula which offers an exceptional cleaning performance. With its active dirt remover, quick-drying and ultra-shine formula for outstanding cleaning
The Kärcher chassis underbody wax is a nourshing underbody wax for use with the Kärcher chassis cleaner and care nozzle. This chassis care and salt protection formula ensure effective protection.
Ultra Foam Cleaner in a 1 litre bottle – high foam and active cleaning. For use with KÄRCHER foam nozzles. Extremely effective against typical vehicle soiling.
It is perfect: for cleaning boats from algae, oil and seawater.
With a bottle made from sugar cane plastic, this ecologic universal cleaner is an environmentally friendly choice. However, this detergent still effortlessly removes oil, grease and dirt all around.
Active dirt dissolver, Provides a UV colour and material protection , Perfect for using on garden furniture, window frams and other plastics
Can be used on all treated and untreated wooden surfaces outdoors.
Easy to use container just fill the pouch up with water to mix the solution and then pour it in to you unit
Optimum care and protection for matt artificial and natural stone floors, linoleum and PVC. Traces are removed, the care film is renewed, and the floor is left with a silky matt shine