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2-ply paper filter bag , High-strength filter bags for reliable fine dust retention, Contains 5 bags, High-performance, easy to fit. suitable for MV series vacuum cleaners
Extremely tear-resistant fleece filter bags with a high dust retention rate. Significantly longer suction intervals compared with paper filter bags.
Nano-coated cartridge filter reduces suction power loss, increases dust retention, suitable for wet and dry use without filter replacement.
Wet and dry vacuuming without filter replacement. Suitable for MV series Vacuum cleaners
Plastic crevice tool (DN 35) for vacuuming in crevices and corners. Length: 250 mm.
Brush with extra soft bristles for gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces in the car, e.g. dashboards or centre consoles.
Brush for thoroughly cleaning car upholstery and carpets. Hard brush easily removes dried dirt.
Extensive accessory kit for all jobs in the car. For cleaning car boots, footwells, dashboards, seats, side pockets, footmats, etc.
3.5 m suction hose extension, Suitable for all Kärcher Home & Garden Multi-purpose Vacs (MV)
Air driven suction brush. Perfect for high pile carpets and ideal for vacuuming animal hairs. For especially intensive, thorough and hygienic cleaning.
Practical turbo upholstery tool with air-driven rotating brush. Cleans upholstery and textile surfaces thoroughly.
Kärcher Set of 4 Premium Velour Micro-Fibre Cleaning Cloths For Steam Cleaners - Specifically Designed For Kitchen Cleaning