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Allowing you to add a layer of foamy detergent with the minimum of effort and fuss. Compatible to any K-series pressure washers.
The most effective way to apply detergent. Also allows a simple switch between different detergents for different tasks. For K-Series pressure washers only.
Ideal for controlling the water pressure of your karcher k-series pressure washer.
The short vario power jet 360° with infinite pressure regulation and adjustable 360° joint is ideal for cleaning close areas that are difficult to access
Designed with a rotating pencil jet for precise cleaning, Ideal for cleaning moss covered surfaces. For K-series pressure washers.
1m angled spray lance, Enables easy cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas such as gutters and under body chassis.
Extends spray lance by 0.5 m. For effective cleaning of difficult to reach areas. Suitable for all Kärcher accessories.
The telescopic lance attaches to your Karcher pressure cleaner. It reaches up to 4m in length and is ideal for cleaning of shutters, facades and 2 story homes. It comes with a shoulder strap and built
designed to reach the underside of vehicles and remove corrosive sediments deposited over time. The Chassis Cleaner employs dual upward facing spray nozzles which spin at high speed.
Holds 5 accessory with the option to purchase further hooks , Ideal for protecting wash brush etc, Length when assemble both together 1.1m
Splash guard for dirt blasterProtects against splash back when cleaning corners and edges. Fits all Kärcher K-Series dirt blasters
The Kärcher wheel washing brush is perfect for removing dirt and grime that accumulates on your wheel rims. With 360° degree cleaning enabiling you to reach every angle of your wheels.